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Summertime Long Beach

The Queen Mary · Long Beach, CA

Sat Jul 7 / 11am

Newport Folk Festival 2018

Fort Adams State Park · Newport, RI

Fri Jul 27 - Sun Jul 29

Splash House August 2018

Splash House · Palm Springs, CA

Fri Aug 10 - Mon Aug 13

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BottleRock Napa Valley

crowd at bottlerock napa valley music festival

Mumford & Sons

mumford & sons walking down the street


Dj playing at Output

Father John Misty

Father John Misty in front of trees

The Catalyst

band playing to a full crowd at the catalyst

Pitchfork Music Festival

shinning disco ball on stage while lcd soundsystem performs on stage


fans waving there hands in the air during laser show at Trees

Concord Music Hall

catalyst club packed with excited fans

Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt throwing his baseball cap in the air


Exit/In mural with a list of all the famous acts that have played there

Newport Folk Festival

People seated in lawn chairs enjoying a beautiful sunny day at newport folk festival



Iron City

Laura Marling

The Beacham

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