Fill every seat.
Make ticketing magical.

Fill every seat. Make ticketing magical.

We want to make ticketing better for events and fans everywhere. Join our team to support the mission.


What We Do

Lyte is a platform that enables event organizers, venues and artists to enhance their ticketing, ensure shows are full and keep fans happy.

Lyte provides a safe, official reservation system and allows fans to return their tickets to the official point of purchase for a fair price.


How It Started

In 2012, Lyte founder Ant Taylor attended a sold-out Olympic Games event with half-empty stands while hundreds of desperate fans stood outside seeking tickets.
Inspired by this experience, Ant created Lyte to allow fans to easily return tickets they couldn't use and help other fans get verified tickets to events of their dreams.

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Our Team

Lyte is a team of nearly 100 event industry veterans and battle-tested technologists based in SF, NY, LA, Minsk and Prague. What brings us together is our love of live events and our belief that the industry is overdue for innovation. Join us to keep the mission moving forward.


Lyte has made a name for itself allowing fans to safely buy, sell and exchange event tickets after sell-outs.

Lyte uses technology that provides an actual ticket exchange that is verified, regulates prices, [and] is integrated with primary ticketing.

Lyte brings a strong data service that helps artists or venues determine demand for a show.

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