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Lost Paradise partner with Lyte to bring ticketing innovation to Australia

Read Time 4 mins | November 14, 2023 | Written by: Lyte Crew

There’s something to be said about New Year’s Eve. It’s a time for reflection, a time for growth, a time for connection. Throw in the mix four days in the Australian side country (or the bush, as our fellow Aussies reference it), a ton of music, new best friends and the deepest hangs ever and you have a glimpse into the magic of our latest international partner, Lost Paradise.

We are delighted to be partnering with the incredible team at Finely Tuned for this year’s festival and to be bringing a brand new, innovative, fan-first ticketing experience to Australia.

How will it work?

Leaning into the hype and excitement of last year’s event, Lost Paradise pre-sale ticket sign ups are now open and are being gathered through credit card reservations. These reservations represent genuine fan intent signals and give the team at Finely Tuned a clear picture of the demand for their event, an accurate estimate of how their pre-sale will perform and most importantly offer fans a significantly better experience – all rooted in flexibility (we’ll dig deeper into that below). 
Upon launch of the pre-sale, all Lost Paradise tickets that have been reserved will be issued automatically to fans with:

No need to log on at a specific time
No manic refreshing
… and most importantly, no stress.

It doesn’t sound like your usual on-sale, does it!

Securing tickets is the first major touchpoint fans have with any event they attend, so together with Lost Paradise, we’re making it as smooth and as magical as possible for their fans.

Flexibility: Why is it important and what does it look like for Lost Paradise? 

Flexibility has always been at the heart of our promise to fans. We want to pull down as many barriers to purchase as possible. Having a ticket shouldn’t be a burden. Things change, and we get that.

For Lost Paradise, this means:

  • Ticket reservations can be amended or canceled at any time before the pre-sale.
  • Once the pre-sale has opened and reserved tickets have been issued, where there is a demand, fans are able to return their tickets.
  • Or fans can sell or transfer their tickets to a friend using a Lyte-generated verified link that handles all authentication and payment between both parties. A Lyte link means no fake tickets! 


We’re so excited to have launched the first stage of this partnership to the world and want to give a huge shout out to our partners at Finely Tuned for listening to their fans, being open minded to doing things differently and pioneering a new outlook on ticketing down under. This is just the beginning!

You can check out how it all works and reserve your Lost Paradise 2023 tickets here.

For more information, head to the FAQs on the Lost Paradise website and if you’d like to hear more about Lyte and how we can help your events, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you.