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Lyte & Puerto Rock Steady Festival Team Up To Celebrate Hip Hop Culture

Read Time 3 mins | April 16, 2024 | Written by: Lyte Crew

Lyte x PRS

Team Lyte is so excited to announce our ticketing partnership with the renowned Puerto Rock Steady Festival this year in Paterson, NJ, on Saturday, Aug. 31. Founded by the legendary Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón, Puerto Rock Steady is an annual cultural experience that brings together the finest talents in music, dance, art and culture for a meaningful purpose: unity and connection.

Known globally for his profound contributions to Hip Hop as well as humanitarian efforts, Crazy Legs is not just a pioneer of the culture but also a beacon of positive change in the community. His work through Rock Steady For Life—a nonprofit aimed at providing disaster relief in Puerto Rico—has touched thousands of lives for the better, providing clean drinking water, solar power and essential supplies to those most in need.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

Our collaboration with the Puerto Rock Steady Festival is driven by a shared commitment to leveraging cultural platforms for social good. The festival itself, known as “a party with a purpose”, aligns perfectly with our mission to make cultural experiences more accessible and impactful for fans. Through innovative ticket solutions like Returnable Tickets, Layaway Plans and Buy Now, Pay Later options, we’re reducing risk by providing flexibility, transparency, fair pricing and more confidence to the fans who want to  experience the magic of Puerto Rock Steady Festival. 



I'm truly excited about our partnership with Lyte for this year’s Puerto Rock Steady Festival. Lyte’s innovative ticketing solutions are going to make it easier than ever for our community to access and connect with the event. Here’s to breaking down barriers and creating more opportunities for everyone to celebrate the culture together!

Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón
Founder of Puerto Rock Steady Festival


Looking Forward to a Monumental Event

This year’s edition of Puerto Rock Steady is set to be a groundbreaking event that not only celebrates the rich tapestry of Hip Hop but also one that fosters economic development and community empowerment. 

“We’re proud to stand alongside an organization whose work resonates so profoundly with our goals of innovation and fair access for fans,” says Head of Lyte Creative Tommy Goodwin. “Our collaboration is set to provide a seamless and enhanced experience for the community, ensuring the festival’s legacy of cultural empowerment and unity continues on stronger than ever”.

Pre-registration for this year's edition of Puerto Rock Steady opens on Saturday, April 27th. Grab your ticket here.

To learn more about how Lyte is helping the team create their best year yet, drop us a line below.

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