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Lyte reimagines end-to-end ticketing with demand-first solution

Read Time 8 mins | November 15, 2023 | Written by: Lyte Crew

After a decade of industry-leading innovation in the secondary market, we’re excited to launch our new end-to-end ticketing solution. 

The live events industry is facing a crisis. From Taylor Swift to Oliver Anthony to Beyonce, event creators don’t have the technology they need to predict fan demand and price tickets effectively, making true sellouts rare. And when they do happen, scalpers scoop up high-demand tickets while pricing out real fans. This crisis has not only created a $12-billion secondary market for event tickets—it’s scaring potential fans away from attempting to buy tickets in the first place.  

After ten years of building and refining solutions to slow down the predatory secondary market for thousands of events, we are excited to unveil our new end-to-end ticketing platform. 

The platform champions a single unified ticketing experience, returnability and gives event creators the tools they need to accurately forecast and achieve improved event outcomes. 

One Marketplace: Unifying the ticketing experience

"Since my time partnering with Lyte at Ticketfly, I have seen first hand Lyte's vision to create a safe, singular marketplace for fans. This platform is the most elegant articulation that I have seen to date of that vision".

- Andy Donner, President

The new Lyte platform is the first to meld presales, onsales and ticket exchanges into one seamless fan experience—an experience event creators control at every phase.

One Marketplace is not just about unification; it reimagines what ticketing can be and how it serves fans and event creators. Presales are no longer painful with Subscribe & Request, a revolutionary antidote that allows fans to make credit card backed ticket requests months in advance. SmartPricing helps event creators delight every fan and pack out the house thanks to a demand-led dynamic pricing algorithm. And with SmartFulfillment, event creators can finally guarantee that the right fans get access to the right tickets while weeding out bots and bad actors. 

Returnable Tickets: Putting fan flexibility first

“Lyte has always been about the fan and after four years of development and testing, we’re excited to turn the industry on its head with this functionality."

- Karina Brioukhova, VP of Yield Dynamics

The Lyte Returnable Ticket gives fans what they need to get off the fence and hit the buy button faster: genuine flexibility. A new premium ticket type that fans can return at any time—no questions asked.

Event Forecasting: Go onsale with confidence

“Event creators shouldn't have to guess at the right mix of tickets and pricing needed to hit their revenue goals."

- Evelyn Thompson, VP of Marketing

Powered by credit card capture and other demand data, our Event Forecasting service intelligently predicts on-sale outcomes. The era of guesswork for event teams is finally over.

What does this all mean for our existing partners?

Event Partners
If you are an existing Lyte partner and have been making the most of our innovative secondary ticketing solutions, you’ll enjoy the same level of partnership and service, uninterrupted. Moving forward, we will continue to serve our traditional Lyte Exchange as well as our new end-to-end partners. If your ticketing provider does not yet offer Lyte, we encourage you to reach out and see what it means to use Lyte to unify your full ticketing experience. Drop us a line.

Primary Ticketing Partners
For years, Lyte has integrated with primary ticketing companies to provide best in class official Fan Exchanges and we remain committed to helping our partners deliver safe, verified spaces for fans to buy, sell, return or transfer their tickets. Giving event creators control of their secondary and providing fans verified exchanges are fundamental to why Lyte was founded and our entry into end-to-end ticketing does not affect the value we know these partnerships bring to both fans and event creators. If you’re interested in adding us to your platform, reach out. 


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