Lyte is the fan-to-fan exchange for sold out events

How Returning Tickets Works

  • Import Your Tickets

    Connect Lyte to Ticketfly to easily import your tickets.

  • Get an Instant Offer from Lyte

    Lyte's fair market offer price is almost always more than face value.

  • Get Paid Within 24 Hours of the Event

    After accepting Lyte's offer, another fan will get your tickets.

How can I reach you?

For any questions or comments, send us an email at If you have questions about a specific order, please include your order number in your message.

How close to the event can I place a request to sell my ticket?

Return your ticket anytime before the event while the Exchange is open. Typically an Exchange closes a few hours before doors open to the event.

I've placed a request to Return my ticket but didn't get an offer, how long should I expect to wait?

Look for an estimate of your wait time in your Return confirmation email. The wait time depends on how many requests are made for tickets like yours. Wait times are usually much shorter closer to the event.