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Celebrated as New York City’s heart and soul of Japanese culture, Anime NYC is a three-day extravaganza that attracts over 60K global fans a year. Featuring a unique array of exhibits, screenings and panels, it attracts the biggest stars (and fans) of the anime scene. Born from the passion of LeftField Media, a team that cherishes Japanese culture as deeply as their attendees, Anime NYC is a can’t-miss culture mainstay for dedicated anime and manga lovers in the Tri-State area. 

Battling the Boss of Ticket Fraud

With the growing popularity of Anime NYC, the surge in ticket demand for its 2023 event also brought an increase of every event organizer’s worst nightmare: ticketing fraud. Looking to protect the authentic, joyful atmosphere of their event, the Anime NYC team turned to Lyte to help take down bad actors and ensure every ticket sold was a promise kept.

Encore, our trusted Fan Exchange solution, helped Anime NYC create a space for fans to safely and securely buy, sell and transfer tickets. With a shared commitment to authenticity and fan service, Encore was seamlessly integrated into their fan purchase and education channels, ensuring every ticket sold was delivered to real fans, securely.

Achievements Unlocked

Thanks to our collaboration, Anime NYC was able to fill nearly every fan request, successfully accommodating 8 out of every 10 fans seeking tickets. This has significantly enhanced fan satisfaction and engagement, contributing to a bustling, enthusiastic crowd at each event. Over our three-year partnership, Encore has reliably guided over 10,000 fans into Anime NYC, strengthening the community's trust and enjoyment.

The Saga Continues

Together, we’ve crafted a ticketing experience that not only meets the logistical demands of a major cultural event but one that also resonates with its theme of unity and community connection. Over our three year partnership, Encore has safely shepherded over 10K fans into Anime NYC, fortifying the trust and enjoyment among its fanbase. Our partnership continues for the 2024 edition of the event on Fri, Aug 23 - Sun, Aug 25th at the Javits Center. We are proud to be a trusted partner in their continued fight against ticket fraud and can’t wait for what’s sure to be their best edition yet.

To get tickets to this year’s Anime NYC, check out the official 2024 Fan Exchange.

"Partnering with Lyte has been an absolute game-changer for Anime NYC. They’ve helped us combat ticket fraud and provide our fans with a safe and secure ticketing exchange. Lyte truly understands our community and shares our commitment to authenticity and fan service. We’re thrilled to continue our partnership and look forward to many more successful editions of Anime NYC together."

MK Goodwin
Portfolio VP @ Leftfield Media

Anime NYC 2023

About Anime NYC:

  • Three day anime and Japanese pop culture convention founded in 2017 by Peter Tatara
  • Held annually at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City
  • Owned & Operated by LeftField Media

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